Help the Woodland Trust on Your Next Static Caravan Holiday

Whether you are taking nature walks or just generally enjoying the countryside and wildlife around you, there is a way that you can help the Woodland Trust if you would like to.  All you need to do is record certain things that you observe and then give the information to the Trust to include in their studies.

If you live in a busy city or town one of the best things about a Static Caravan holiday is being able to get out in the countryside, breathe the fresh air and listen to the birds singing. It’s one of the best ways to take a completely relaxing break whilst appreciating the UK at the same time.

Nature’s Calendar Initiative

Organised and managed by the British Science Association, BBC Spring Watch and the Woodland Trust, this initiative is for people who want to volunteer their services in recording natural events as and when they occur.  Nature’s Calendar takes small amounts of data from contributors and uses it to form a study of the way seasons change in the UK. They have been collecting this data from 1736 so you will effectively become part of this long-standing research.

What are they looking for?

This is a fascinating activity for all the family, adding adventure to any Static Caravan holiday. The type of things you will need to look out for might be swallows, noting where you saw them; or frogspawn/tadpoles or maybe oak leaves and acorns. Effectively each year you would need to record when you saw these things appearing and it is highly educational for children to learn for example, what an oak leaf looks like or how to identify frogspawn.

How to become involved

You can register as a volunteer by clicking on Nature’s Calendar website.  You will be able to learn everything there is to know about the process including how to record information on the special forms you will be provided with.

There’s also an informative section about nature and wildlife around the UK so you can participate not just on your Static Caravan holiday but also when you get home.

The benefits

Not only will you be assisting in providing vital data for important research but you’ll be much more aware of nature. For example; you will be able to recognise when spring begins or summer ends by noting the flowers that appear during the seasons. As you become more accustomed to nature you will begin to look forward to seeing swallows arrive, bluebells bloom and if you are lucky some ladybirds. It’s a rewarding project that all members of the family can enjoy and more so because they are all participating in something useful and worthwhile. The only question left is, Will you help the Woodland Trust?

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