Swapping Towyn Caravan Parks for Somewhere Different

Swapping Caravan Parks

Holiday home owners return year on year to Towyn Caravan Parks. Loving the area is part of the reason they bought. But what about swapping Caravan Parks?


Holiday Home Swapping is a service where you can register you caravan or holiday lodge. It allows you to occasionally take a break by swapping your holiday home for someone else’s. So owners on Towyn Caravan Parks can swap with other owners on say, caravan parks in Scotland. Anyone who owns a holiday home can participate.



How much does it cost?

Interestingly there is no set fee for swapping. The website owner of Holiday Home Swapping would like a donation allowing you to assess what you think the service is worth. 75% of the donations help maintain and promote the site, so that everyone has the opportunity to go somewhere different if they want to.


The remaining 25% will be set aside for children’s charities that offer respite care holidays to families. To find out more about this click here.  Any suggestions you may have regarding worthy charities to donate to are welcome.


Benefits of swapping

Whether you own a holiday home in Towyn, Skegness, Blackpool, Scotland or anywhere else in the UK, it’s nice to be able to change your holiday venue occasionally. Maybe your children want to go to Blackpool next year so you could spend one week there and the other on the site where you own. An owner of a holiday home in Brighton might love to spend some time on one of the Towyn Caravan Parks for a change.


Staycations have never been more popular and swapping holiday homes means that everyone gets a chance to explore the British Isles.  Since you pay what you think a swap is worth it also makes it an affordable service.


Every year when you get home from your break you can share you holiday photos and videos with friends and neighbours. When you’ve been sharing similar photos for 10 years, they might be very excited to see somewhere different.


You get the opportunity to experience the diverse cultures prevalent in various areas of the UK.  Spending New Year in Scotland when you’ve spent it in Yorkshire for the past 5 years might be fun. Exploring the Lake District might be as exhilarating as hiking around Snowdonia in North Wales.


You can repeat the experience as often as you like but still go back to your cherished favourite.


Golden Gate Holiday Centre staff and organisers  take this opportunity of wishing all our owners a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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