Buy and Let Your Static Caravan

Buy and let your Static Caravan

If you’re looking to purchase a Static Caravan, whether as an investment or to have your own holiday retreat, then you’re certainly not alone. In the UK there are almost a million caravans in use, on over 76,000 residential parks and the idea of having your own can be extremely tempting, however there are many things to consider to make sure that you make the most appropriate choice for you and your needs.


What to Consider…



Buying a Static Caravan in a lump sum payment can cost you anything from thousands, to over a hundred thousand pounds and of course the more luxurious, spacious and modern a caravan is, the higher the initial outlay will be.

Although there are many finance options available, such as monthly payment schemes (which can be less than £100 p.m.) and 0% deposit plans, it is wise to have a fixed amount in mind before you begin viewings. It can be easy to fall in love with a caravan out of your financial means; you could be taken by it’s decking, floor to ceiling windows, wooden floors, or beautiful French doors; but, be realistic with your pricing. A good park will take into account your budget before showing you caravans, and won’t show you something you can’t afford.

Once you have found a Static Caravan that is not only suited to your needs, but also affordable, then the next thing to consider is the annual running costs. This is likely to include things such as site fees, management fees, insurance, utilities and general maintenance.

In addition to this you will also likely be starting from scratch, much as when you buy your first home, and this will mean purchasing essentials such as kitchen equipment including pots, pans, utensils and cooking apparatus. It will also mean furnishings to make the van a home and a personal space with pictures, ornaments, trinkets and more. You will also need to purchase entertainment facilities like televisions, radios and DVD players and then make every room habitable – bedding for the bedrooms, necessities for the bathroom, and so on. There are some great deals about, and if you’re not considering renting your caravan out, then you can certainly bring things from home – not everything has to match straight away!


Which Park?

With more than 76,000 parks to choose from nationwide, this is a decision that can be tricky to make. All parks offer something different, such as site facilities that could range from family-friendly that will include children’s clubs, adventure playgrounds and arcades. Others can be more serene, sitting on the coastline or in a nature reserve type setting where relaxation is the main selling point.

Decide what you want your Static Caravan for; will it just be for personal use or will you let your Static Caravan out? You will need to check sites policies on subletting if this is your plan and ensure that the site caters for all such as having facilities for disabled people and that it’s close to amenities that people will require on their holidays. Look into what restrictions the park has, such as how long your caravan can stay there, what their policies are on pets, if you’re allowed to make adaptations and so on. The purchase you are making is a significant one, so it’s of the essence that it’s on the right park.



You may fall in love with a site and Static Caravan based in Cornwall, but if you live in Scotland how practical is this going to be for frequent visits? Many people like to spend a lot of time in their caravan and so making sure that it’s within a reasonable travelling time is very important.

Its important to remember the above when looking to buy a caravan, as, when you’ve made the purchase, your new caravan can give you many happy holidays, and the freedom to visit whenever you need a break!

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