6 Tips For Planning Perfect Caravan Holidays in North Wales

Many people like the idea of arranging caravan holidays in North Wales rather than worrying about spending time abroad, especially with todays long lines and risks of covid. It’s easy to drive your car to the mountains or straight to the coast, and you won’t have to stress about sitting around in airports. North Wales is one of the most beautiful areas of the UK with lots to offer families and individuals who want to unplug from modern life or visit the seaside. You could spend your morning dipping your toes in the sea and then go for a mountain trek in the afternoon. The possibilities are endless, and that’s why more people than ever before now decide to spend their holidays here.


Planning a caravan holiday in North Wales is easy, but the tips on this page should help you to avoid mistakes and get it right.


1 – Choose the right type of caravan park

There are lots of different static caravan parks in North Wales, and so you will need to conduct some research to ensure you select the right one. Make sure you think about what you hope to get out of the experience and who you plan to take along for the ride. Some parks are not suitable for families, and so those with young children will want to plan accordingly. Some family holiday parks in Wales don’t allow guests to bring their pets, and that could present a stumbling block if your furry friend wants to come along. Maybe entertainment is high on the list of must haves – or maybe there is a preference  for the quiet, serene village life. Any desires can be accommodated within the parks of North Wales, if all the relevant information is gathered ahead of time. The Golden Gate Holiday centre and similar places tend to satisfy most people, but you still need to check the fine print. Maybe you want to find somewhere that will allow you to cook using a barbecue? Perhaps you require 24 hour access?


2 – Make sure you pack the essentials

Most family holiday parks in Wales are located near to stores where you can purchase, waterproof items, jackets, walking boots and lots of other clothing and equipment. However, while it’s wise to boost the Welsh economy, it doesn’t make sense to spend lots of money if you already have those items in your wardrobe at home. Do yourself a favour and be sure to write a list of everything you’re going to need for your break. You can then pack your bag in advance and ensure you don’t have to spend too much cash when you arrive at one of your chosen static caravan parks in North Wales. Even if you expect perfect weather, it’s still wise to ensure you have enough clothing to stay warm. That is especially the case if you plan to walk in the mountains where it may become exceedingly cold quickly.


3 – Research the area and plan your activities

You’ll want to make the most out of your time when planning caravan holidays in North Wales. While some people like to sit in a chair and relax for the entirety of their stay, many folks will want to explore the local areas and take part in any available activities. The internet is your friend when it comes to making sure you have something to do every day. When you take a look online at some of the most popular family holiday parks in Wales, it makes sense to check out some of the facilities and attractions the local area has to offer.  That way, you can make sure you don’t overlook anything exciting, and always fill your days with stunning sights and fulfilling experiences. If you’re going to the seaside you can look at some local tide times here as well as the weather for the day.


4 – Always take a first aid kit

All the caravan parks in Wales will keep first aid kits on-site for their guests. A member of the team should also have a first-aid qualification in most instances, and so there is always someone around the help in the case of emergencies. Still, anyone who plans to venture away from their park will want to keep a small kit handy. You never know when you might fall and cut yourself, burn yourself in the kitchen or get a sprain. Your kids might even get some cuts and bruises if you take them climbing on the rocks at a local beach or get a bee sting. A first aid kit will provide you with peace of mind, and it will ensure you can treat most injuries until you manage to visit the hospital or call an ambulance.


5 – Remember to relax

Whether you opt for family holiday parks in Wales or caravan parks in Wales with sea views; you have to remember to relax if you want to have the best experience. That isn’t always possible if you have people from the office calling your mobile phone every couple of hours. So, do yourself a favour and ensure that you tie up any loose ends so you can switch your phone off for the duration of your stay. Just make a list of things that could disturb your quiet time, and then put measures in place to deal with them before you leave home.


Caravan holidays in North Wales are ideal for young people, couples, families, and those at retirement age. With rising travel costs around the world, it’s no wonder that more people from the UK are now choosing to head back to the locations they visited as a child. North Wales has a lot to offer everyone who decides to come and spend time here. From stunning coastal walks to awe-inspiring mountain views; overlooking Wales is a crime in itself. So, start making your arrangements now!

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