Explore North Wales Beaches From a Static Caravan

North Wales Beaches to explore from your Static Caravan

With summer on its way, now is the perfect time to find your favourite beach. If you own or rent a caravan in North Wales, you are only a few minutes from some of the best nearest sandy beaches on the North Wales coastline.

Because the Welsh coastline spans three sides of the country beaches can be found close to cities beside rural settlements.  It’s not unusual to find a beach close to a University town in North Wales or near a castle.

There is an enigmatic mix of ancient and modern settings in the coastal resorts with some beaches found on holy islands. The majestic mountains of Snowdonia overlook all of them creating some of the most stunning scenery in the British Isles.

From sheltered coves to resorts like Rhyl and Prestatyn that are livelier, the choice is yours.

Here are some North Wales beaches you might want to visit this summer.

Towyn Beach, Abergele

This is a dog-friendly beach spanning 5 miles and mostly sand dune.  Home to the Cadfan Stone securely housed in the Norman Church there, Towyn is a popular seaside resort and of interest to historians.

Kinmel Bay (Also known as Sandy Cove)

The nearest town is Rhyl, a 5* sandy beach which has recently won many awards. There is no lifeguard service here but you can swim and bathe or canoe and kayak to your heart’s content. There are cafes and toilets, first aid and disabled facilities available.


Pensarn beach at Abergele is a pebble and shingle beach which is dog-friendly. You’ll see lots of kayaks and canoes here and it is a wind surfer’s dream.  Near the beach, there is a restaurant and shop and there are facilities for the disabled.


A Sandy Beach awarded 3*, also has a lifeguard on duty. It’s a very busy beach with many facilities and activities possible, however, dog access is restricted. See our blog about dog-friendly Caravan Parks in North Wales.

Old Colwyn

A lovely sandy ~North Wales beach where dogs are allowed, 5* water quality awarded the Marine Conservation Award. With a café and a promenade, you can enjoy swimming, canoeing and kayak adventures.

Colwyn Bay

A 3* sand and shingle beach with a slipway and a promenade, there are many sporting activities, plus a first aid point. However, there is no lifeguard in attendance at this beach.


Pebbles and sand make up this 5* beach with toilet facilities, shop, pub and picnic area nearby for your enjoyment.  The town centre is also close by for your shopping needs.

Nothing beats a day at the beach, the perfect way to spend your holiday. Use the time to walk the dog, read a good book, cover yourself in oil and relax in the sun; or enjoy a more adventurous and active day, play a game of bat and ball or frolic in the sea.


Barmouth was a busy shipbuilding and slate port from the mid-1500s to the early 1800s when Porthmadog took over the role. Now it is a charming town with a marina in the harbour. Whilst some fishing still takes place where it is mainly home to yachts and other pleasure boats.

Popular with tourists, the beach spans 6 miles from Barmouth to Tal-y-Bont. Surfers flock to Barmouth in the summer and the town offers everything you would expect of a tourist destination.  There are maritime attractions and museums, pubs, restaurants and of course Harlech Castle.

Dinas Dinlle

In the winter there is hardly a soul in sight but come peak season and the small village of Dinas Dinlle  is transformed into a bustling tourist resort.  The beach is sandy with a pebble ridge.  There are plenty of water sport activities to participate in. The sea is fantastic for swimming and you may catch sight of a few dolphins.  There are parts of the beach that are dog-friendly.  There are a few outlets where you can buy fish and chips, ice cream, souvenirs and anything you need for the beach.  It’s an ideal area to watch wildlife, take walks through the woods and there is a playground there for kids.


This Celtic holy island has a total of 6 beaches interspersed with quiet bays to enjoy.  The Medieval Conwy Castle is well worth a visit while you are there. And at Llandudno children can take a donkey ride or ride on a cable car. Llandudno is always busy so expect lots of people to be there this summer.

10 Essential Beach Accessories for your Caravan Holiday

If you are on a Caravan Holiday this summer, use these 10 items as an essential checklist when packing for days spent on the beach.

Every holiday requires basic supplies: ample clothing, essential medication and general toiletries. However, beach days need specialised equipment and unique accessories to ensure that everyone enjoys a safe, fun time. Luckily caravan owners store most of these things in their caravans.

  1. Sunblock cream

This is one of the most important items for the beach. While SPF 15 sunblock is adequate for normal wear, sand and water reflect and intensify sunlight, and there is little shade on the beach. SPF 30 protection or higher is recommended, and a waterproof variety of sunblock is the best choice. Lip balm with sunblock protection is also a wise precaution. Be sure to pack enough sunblock for frequent reapplications, even if it is waterproof.

  1. Protective Clothing

Sunblock alone is not adequate protection from long sun exposure, especially in southern climates where the burn risk is higher. A wide-brimmed hat protects the face and the back of the neck (a baseball cap will not), and a light swimsuit cover can help prevent overexposure. An oversized t-shirt is a good choice, or a variety of different styles of swimwear can be purchased easily at most UK Caravan Holiday resorts. Sunglasses with ultraviolet coatings are also necessary.

  1. Swimsuits

At least two swimsuits should be packed per person so that one is always dry. Different suit styles are useful for different activities: sunbathing versus surfing, for instance, and different designs help minimise tan lines. Ample swim diapers should be packed for young children.

  1. Footwear

Old, sturdy trainers or aqua shoes are necessary gear for the beach. Especially in ocean or lake settings, sharp underwater objects may be unnoticed until an injury occurs and sturdy footwear prevents any mishaps. Multiple pairs can be packed to allow each one to dry thoroughly before reuse, since wet footwear may cause blisters.

  1. Beach Umbrella

An oversized beach umbrella creates an oasis of shade and shelter from the wind on an open beach. It also serves as a landmark for wandering friends and family.

  1. Beach Towels

Towels provide a soft surface for sunbathing, eating, or sitting as well as a colourful beacon for wayward family members. They should be large enough for everyone to use, or numerous towels can be packed so children need not share. A large sheet is a perfect choice for beach use because sand sticks less to cotton than to most towels. Make sure you take your own towels to the beach.

  1. Cool Box

A small cool box is a necessity for carrying drinks and snacks, and it keeps food cool to prevent spoiling. It also keeps bugs, seagulls and other animals away. Reusable ice packs ensure everything stays dry, or bags of ice can provide additional drinking water as it melts.

  1. Water

Constant exposure to the sun and frequent activity rapidly deplete the body’s water reserves. Plenty of bottled water, sports drinks and fruit juice will keep everyone hydrated and prevent sunstroke, heat frustration and irritability. Avoid too many fizzy drinks or alcohol, since these beverages can create rather than quench thirst. Juicy snacks such as apples and grapes provide more moisture and are healthy treats as well.

  1. Sandcastle Tools

No holiday on the beach would be complete without a sandcastle construction project. Buckets, cups, spoons, dull knives, small shovels and other moulding and sculpting tools will help create a masterpiece. A family flag is another detail to add fun and spirit to the occasion.

  1. Floating Toys

Beach balls, inner tubes and inflatable mats are all delightful water toys. Sinking toys, such as diving batons, are not recommended for ocean or lake beaches since the currents could easily carry them into dangerous areas.

Each of these items is essential for a worry-free, relaxing caravan holiday on the beach. Whether you will be sunbathing or strolling along the North Wales coastline, or simply enjoying a leisurely getaway on a local stretch of sand, these necessities ensure everyone’s safety, health, and enjoyment. Grab the sun block cream, strap on some fins, fill the water bottle and let’s hit the beach!


An absolute must for an enjoyable day at the beach is nice weather. Going to a cold and cloudy beach is not much fun. Make sure you check out the weather forecast beforehand at a website such as www.bbc.com/weather.

If you own a Static Caravan on one of the parks near the North Wales coast, and the weather isn’t great all of the time, there’s a lot you can do at Golden Gates Holiday Centre. Check out the park facilities here.

If you are having a break at Golden Gate Holiday Centre this year we hope you have a fantastic time!

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