Dog Friendly Beaches in North Wales

With 250 miles of coastline, beaches are not hard to come by in North Wales. Along the stretches of sandy shores, there is always something to suit everyone. The beaches of North Wales aren’t a disappointment while you are at a family holiday static caravan park. Many people who visit these parks have their four legged pals in tow so we’ve gathered some beaches that are more than happy to have them along.

Colwyn Bay

First thing first, Colwyn Bay is a longer beach than the Copacabana Beach of Rio de Janeiro. Over the years there have been some extensive development in Colwyn Bay, resulting in the additions of a state of the art water sports centre and new sandy areas among others. Overlooking the miles of shoreline is a promenade that runs along the length of the beach with plenty of parking areas. Some parts of the beach are dog-friendly, but few have restrictions so make sure to read the signs.

Nefyn Beach

The predominantly sandy Nefyn Beach is a hidden gem of North Wales’ coastline. It is a stunning unspoilt piece of nature on the north coast of the Lyn Peninsula, making it perfect for a traditional seaside holiday. Nefyn Beach has a small collection of picturesque white cottages, ideal for families to spend fun time with children. If you consider yourself a bit of a sporty type, there is no lack of good water for canoeing and kayaking. The waves occasionally are large enough for surfers to get a taste of the excitement too. Dogs are allowed on the northern side of the beach, away from the harbour.

The village of Nefyn is located in an isolated part of Lyn Peninsula. On one side the village is sheltered by the magnificent Nefyn Headland, and steep slopes on the other. From the beach all the way to the east, three peaks of The Rival Mountains are overlooking clear blue waters. A number of beach huts are available for sunbathing when the weather allows.

Penrhos Coastal Path

For an all-in-one holiday time filled with historical attractions, views of the sea, and wildlife lessons, go no further than the Penrhos Coastal Path, located just outside of Holyhead. The 200-acre park is part of the Anglesey coastal path and National Cycle route. With so many alluring activities in one single location, many consider the park a jack of all trades (except in this case, it’s mastering them too!) Penrhos Path’s beach is complemented by woodland and scenic picnic areas and all are dog-friendly. There is an ample parking space, much of which is free.

The sandy shoreline here is known as “private beach” because it was once accessible only to a select few. Now it has become a busy attraction visited by around 100,000 people every year. It is right at the edge of the Penrhos national reserve. During high tide the beach is rather small, but at any other time the soft white sand is quite extensive. When the tide recedes, the sandy white beach reveals its decoration of rock pools. Kids love to spend their time dipping their feet into the water from the rocks, while dogs love to run around the flat sand before taking a dip in the sea.

Pensarn Beach

If walking and cycling with seaside view is your ideal holiday, the Pensarn Beach is a paradise among all other magnificent gems of North Wales. But it is not just for walkers and cyclists; out to the sea, there is plenty to do from swimming to surfing, from kayaking to canoeing. The wind, the waves, the water, and the view are just perfect for any water sport lover to engage in their favorite activities here. A nearby car park area provides excellent facilities like shops and toilets. Moreover, dogs are allowed throughout the year.

Pensarn is a shingle beach situated in the Wales Coastal Path in front of the town of Abergele. A promenade runs along a good portion of the stretch of sand, providing spaces for walkers to enjoy the sea views from the front row. Since the coastal path also is serviced Cycle Route 5, for several miles along the coast towards the Great Orme you’ll be able to take a view of the expanse of the sea well.

Traeth Penllech

On the northern tip of the remote yet grandeur Lyn Peninsula lies the mile-long Penllech Beach, also known as the Traeth Penllech. Despite the relatively short stretch, the beach is no less beautiful than any of the holiday resorts in North Wales. What it lacks in lengths, it makes up is the sheer intensity of beauty. It is a dense mile of glorious scenery filled with gorgeous sandy beach bordered with grassy cliffs. Just make sure you visit during low tide to get that full mile of visual amazement. Strong currents are not uncommon in the Penllech, so while it is perfect for kite surfing and sailing, be very cautious of the water condition when swimming, especially as there are no lifeguards on this beach. The beach has no dog restrictions throughout the year. Drop into the café for a bite when you’re done paddling around with your pooch.

What beaches would you suggest for being perfect for dogs-on-holiday — or their owners? Send us a note and let us know!

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