Fear and Fun this Halloween in North Wales

Ghostly Greetings to fellow seekers of fright and spooky adventures!

October promises to be filled with many opportunities to enjoy Halloween with plenty of events, activities, and experiences to partake in. To help you pick from the lot, we’ve searched the spooky corners of the country and created a list of things to do for Halloween in North Wales this season. But beware and choose wisely, as some are more frightening than others.

Visit a Haunted Place

Many eerie haunted places inhabit North Wales, with plenty of castles, prisons, and abandoned hospitals to scare even the most fearless of individuals. Consider paying one of these estates a visit if you think you can handle it. To help you pick from the many options, we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 choices but be warned: some will leave you with sleepless nights and spooked hearts.

Ride a Halloween Train

For those looking for an entertaining ride full of spine-chilling moments, we present to you: the ghost train. There are plenty of options, but our top pick is the Llanberis Lake Railway Halloween ghost train. This scary steam train will take you around a lake teaming with frightful creatures, promising a very terrifying yet scenic ride throughout the witches’ wood in search of spirits and ghosts. Even the dog will get a creepy shiver on this train!

Test Your Nerves at Zip World Ffear Fforest

If there’s anything pop culture and horror movies have taught us, it’s that clowns are some of the most fear-inducing creatures alive. If you’re not convinced, try heading to the circus-themed world at Zip World, which is evocatively named ‘Ffear Fforest.’ This nightly October event will send chills down your spine as it promises a sea of exciting and thrilling rides, Halloween-focused entertainment, and lots of creepy clowns who will tease and test your nerves. Make sure to grab your tickets as early as possible since many dates are already sold out.

Bring Your Kids to a Pumpkin Picking Farm

So far, we’ve only focused on very scary things to do in North Wales this Halloween, but here we’d like to propose something more wholesome: why not try your hand at pumpkin picking? This is a family-friendly activity guaranteed to maintain your heartbeat at a steady rate. Many pumpkin farms are offering this service across the country, some of which also provide kid-friendly Halloween workshops where you can learn how to carve your pumpkin into a spooky (or nice!) face, mazes and other events.

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