Top 5 Places For Incredible Ice Cream in North Wales

Ice cream flavours

Whether you’re traveling to North Wales for a static caravan holiday or just looking for a sweet treat to cool down on a hot summer day, ice cream is the best way to go! With so many places that offer delicious ice cream, it can be hard to choose.

You may want some of the most common favorite flavors like chocolate or vanilla, or you may be the type that would prefer something different and unique. To help with this dilemma we have compiled a list of our top 5 best ice cream shops in North Wales. All these shops are guaranteed to satisfy your craving for something cold and sweet!

North Wales Ice Cream World

If you’re in the mood for a sweet treat, North Wales Ice Cream World is where it’s at. At this hidden gem, you can get some classic ice cream flavor combinations, including two amazing vanilla flavours, that will satisfy everyone. With nearly 50 flavours to choose from, even the pickiest of the bunch can find something new to love.

Ice Cream World also has pasties and soup for a light lunch. Friendly service with good selection ensures your visit here is pleasurable. Come taste their delicious ice cream today!


When you want to satisfy your sweet tooth, there is nothing better than a Cadwaladers cone. Choose from some of our favourite flavours, like the Oreo Cookies and Cream or Green Tea Matcha for something that has a burst of flavour or go with their classic vanilla.

Their classic vanilla has been a local favourite for nearly a hundred years.

What helps Cadwaladers stand out is that their shop is dog friendly scene your pup can join you for a quick snack.

Knickerbockers Ice Cream Parlour

Knickerbockers is one of those places that you’ll drive past for years without ever noticing it. This sweet little ice cream parlour has been going strong for over a century and yet remains unfazed by all the fuss elsewhere in town. The menu is small but mighty, with some real old favourites mixed with deliciously exotic combinations like mango-passionfruit sorbet.

Specialties include icy hot chocolate sundaes, David’s own decadent creation of rum syrup, milk choc sauce and chopped peanuts on top; and Chocolate Chipper beans – their brilliant idea to combine several classic flavours into one awesome treat: caramel sauce, Nutella and chopped hazelnuts

Parisella’s Ice Cream Parlour

The perfect place for the freshest and tastiest ice-cream. Parisella’s Ice Cream Parlour, in Conwy, boasts a devoted customer base which is easy to understand when you realize how rich, creamy, and flavor packed their products are. Topped waffles, stuffed crepes, tea and coffee make a perfectly rounded menu. Warning: You might get addicted!

Forte’s Ice Cream Parlour

The friendly staff and fantastic fare at the Forte’s Ice Cream Parlour is all you need to know about. It’s a great place to go grab an ice-cream for yourself or meet some friends and do it together! Their menu of ice-cream-based sundaes will be your new go-to dessert, from our classic banana split and cookie dough shake to more creative flavors like our mixed berry Nutella with whipped cream topping.

Forte’s waffles are fresh cooked right in front a hot grill; the wait staff couldn’t make anything fresher if they tried!

Finally, they have the perfect summer time treat waiting for you in their small but perfected menu of 35 ice cream and sorbet flavours. If ice cream isn’t your plan today, enjoy made from scratch crêpes using only mouth watering ingredients.


The ice cream shops that we’ve listed are just a few of the many you can find in North Wales. Whether you want to spend an afternoon at one of these fantastic establishments or you just want to try some new ice cream flavors, there is something for everyone on this list. If you know of another shop worth mentioning, please send us a message so we can include them in our next blog post about North Wales’ best locations for incredible ice cream! Until then, enjoy indulging yourselves and be sure to let us know your favorite flavor.


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