Pros and Cons of Touring and Static Caravans

Touring and Static Caravans

The uncertainty of Brexit may be the reason that many Brits are ‘staycationing’ in their touring and static caravans. With Easter just weeks away, it’s likely that more than 3.5 million people will visit UK campsites, caravan holiday centres and leisure parks.

If you are considering buying a caravan you have two options – touring and static caravans. To help you make a decision about which might be best for you here are some pros and cons:

Static Caravans

Although static caravans are sometimes referred to as mobile homes, they are not the type you can tow behind a car. It’s relatively easy to transport them to a holiday park but once sited that’s usually where they will remain.


  1. Static caravans are equipped with everything you might have in your own home. They are more spacious than touring caravans and normally have between 2 and 4 bedrooms. Modern caravans have fully fitted kitchens with integrated appliances and proper bathrooms. They are also double glazed and centrally heated.
  2.  Since your static caravan is sited you won’t need to worry about towing it anywhere.
  3. You can visit your holiday home not only for family holidays but also for short or long weekend breaks. Some caravan parks are licensed for the whole year so you can spend time there whenever you want to.
  4. A well-organised leisure park will ensure your caravan is secure. Communal areas are well maintained and rubbish disposed of. Maintenance staff will always be on hand to fix anything that goes wrong.
  5. If you want to rent your caravan out when you are not using it, some holiday parks have authorised letting agents they can put you in touch with. Alternatively, they may offer to manage lettings for you.
  6. As an owner, you can expect to have exclusive access to the park’s facilities and entertainment. Or if it is also open to the public, discounted rates.


  1. Parks that don’t have 12-month licences close over the winter which means you can’t use your holiday home during that time.
  2. If you want to move your static caravan to another park, you can’t just hitch it to your car. Special transport is required and can be prohibitively expensive depending on where you want to move it to.

Touring caravans

How many touring caravans have you seen on roads across the British Isles?  In holiday seasons a lot we guess. You can tow this type of caravan with your car without the need for a special vehicle.


  1. With a touring caravan, you don’t have to stay in one place. You can visit many because you are towing your accommodation around with you.
  2. Parked in your drive or close by, a touring caravan is immediately available, without you having to travel to get to it. This means you can make a last minute decision to take a break without having the stress of finding, booking and paying for expensive accommodation.
  3. There are more than 300 caravan and camping sites in Britain, so you can hit the open road and visit as many as you like.


  1. Depending on your council there may be restrictions on keeping a touring caravan on your drive.  Smaller tourers may just about fit in your garage. Larger models will need more space.
  2. Your car engine will need to be powerful enough to tow your holiday home.  Check that it is before purchasing a touring caravan. It might be an expensive exercise if you have to buy another car as well.
  3. Like static caravan holiday parks, campsites often close during the winter. If they don’t close completely they may shut down their facilities. So timing may not be as flexible as you imagine.

Making a choice between touring and static caravans

Both touring and static caravans make great holiday homes but it’s not unusual for people to give up the tourers after a few years. The hassle of finding somewhere to keep it and the lack of space often have owners looking at alternatives.  This is particularly so if they are purchased for family holidays.  Static caravans are much more spacious and parks have Kids Clubs so the adults get a break too.

Whichever choice you make, between touring and static caravans, you can be certain that you will be warmly welcomed by holiday parks and campsites across the UK this Easter.

Check out our static caravans for sale at Golden Gate Holiday Centre, Towyn, North Wales. Spending time with us may help you make a decision between touring and static caravans!

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