Two Great Places to Visit When Renting A Caravan In North Wales

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For wildlife enthusiasts who want to rent a caravan for their holiday this year, North Wales is one of the best places to go. Renting a caravan in North Wales brings you closer to a wealth of nature reserves and conservation areas managed by the North Wales Wildlife Trust, each one a joy to visit. If you like birds and animals, here are a couple of great places to visit.

The Spinnies

Located in Bangor this is a coastal lagoon that bird watchers will love. Wading birds and ducks can be seen from a purpose built bird hide which also has access for the disabled.

Tall reeds growing around the lagoon provide densely covered safe nesting sites for a variety of bird species including Little Grebes, Mallards, Moorhens and Sedge Warblers. You may see the Snipes pecking away in the mud searching for tasty morsels such as molluscs, worms and crustaceans. Around the banks of the lagoon white Little Egrets and Grey Herons abound and you will see the Little Grebes diving into the lagoon for small fish

If you want to see the magnificent, highly colourful Kingfishers the best time to visit is from September to March. This is also the time to catch sight of Greenshanks, Teal and Widgeon

Welsh Mountain Zoo

This conservation zoo has the most stunning panoramic views across Colwyn Bay and if you have children there is every possibility they will want to visit it more than once. It’s easy to rent a caravan in North Wales and use it as a base to visit places like this.

If you like flora and fauna you will see many plant species in the woodlands or gardens of the zoo as well as being able to view and learn about British species of animals that are endangered or rare. Other animals that are protected at the zoo include Red Pandas, Sumatran Tigers, Chimps and Snow Leopards. There are penguins and Californian Sea Lions too.

The Children’s Farm provides an entertaining education for kids to learn how farm works and they will be occupied in the Tarzan Trail Adventure Playground, which forms part of the Jungle Adventureland, for many happy hours.

If you have brought ageing relatives with you who don’t want to walk extensively virtual tours of the Zoo are available in a comfortable Media Centre. Children will also enjoy playing educational games as well as taking a virtual tour if they want to.

The Welsh Mountain Zoo offers all-around educational entertainment and you can even adopt an animal of becoming a zookeeper for the day if you so wish.

If you rent a caravan in North Wales you have a comfortable home from home to sleep in with all modern conveniences including fully fitted kitchen should you decide you would rather cook than go out to eat every day.

Many of the caravan holiday parks also have a variety of entertainment either on-site or very close by as well as shops, bars and restaurants.

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