How Static Caravans and Caravan Holiday Parks Have Changed

Static Caravan Park Holidays in North Wales

Some people can be extremely negative about Static Caravans and Caravan Holiday Parks. This may be because of the reputation they once had of being low quality, damp and pretty basic in comparison to other types of self-catering accommodation.


There was also an image of Caravan Holiday Parks that provided communal showers and toilet facilities but very little else so if you ever stayed on a park like this, the chances are it would have put you off for life. In addition, there was the perceived Hi-de-Hi environment which was great if you liked that sort of thing but horrifying to someone who didn’t.


Nowadays the likelihood of finding parks that fit into either of the above categories is remote because the Caravan Holiday Industry has moved on apace as has the manufacturing of static caravans.


Modernising your existing Static Caravan


If you own an old caravan there are now so many ways in which you can modernise it, and the quality of it will directly relate to how much you are prepared to spend on. Your existing older model can be refitted with a modern, fully fitted kitchen, a bathroom and even central heating if you wish.


You can add a wooden or tiled floor too which will make an old van look modern very quickly.


Buying a new or used caravan


Alternatively, you might want to upgrade to a new luxurious caravan and trade in the old one. Modern caravan holiday homes are more spacious, manufactured with first class materials and often include bathrooms and kitchens. They may also include fitted wardrobes or all of these things may be optional extras depending on the model you purchase. And if you want something special you can ask the manufacturer to custom build it for you.


Another option is to buy a used static caravan that is more modern that you own. You can still trade your old one in or sell it privately if you wish.


Add decking for more space and a relaxing outside area


No matter what you choose to do, decking is a great accessory to add which will provide you with an area to place garden furniture and a table so that you and your family can eat outside during the summer.  It will also be an area where you can relax on sun loungers and enjoy the fresh air. And of course, if you decide to rent the caravan out, your renters will appreciate it.


Since British weather is unpredictable you could cover the decked area with an awning so that you don’t get soaked just as you have put the barbequed food on the table! Most caravan holiday parks will allow you to install decking around your caravan but do check with them first in case there are any restrictions.


Caravan Holiday Parks


Caravan Holiday Parks can now be found all over the British Isles and they range from very quiet where you can go for a weekend break or an entire holiday to chill out; to action packed mini towns dedicated to providing fun for all the family. For example, check out the facilities at Golden Gate available for adults and children alike. You can use as many or as few as you like but you can be assured that the fun is there if you want to access it!

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