So you Want a Caravan Holiday?

So you want a Caravan Holiday

Thinking about a Caravan holiday? We take a light look at caravanning and suggest something you may find a little – if not a lot more appealing.


The Policeman pulled over the car, strolled up to the driver’s window and said: “Excuse me sir, but do you know that you’re driving without a rear light?” The driver jumped out and ran to the rear of his car and let out a terrible groan. He seemed so genuinely distressed that the policeman felt sorry for him and said “Don’t take it so hard, it’s not all that serious”
“Isn’t it?” the driver asked, “Where’s my Caravan gone?”


Only humour but the fact of the matter is caravanning whilst enjoyed by many, is hard work often involving long stressful journeys requiring above normal concentration from drivers as they weave their way through heavy traffic and city centres. Even more stressful if children are in the back seats, excited and asking every ten minutes “Are we nearly there yet?”


Caravan Holiday Check-in

Arriving at a Caravan Park, it’s necessary to check in and make the appropriate payment and then park the van, unhooking it from the car and manhandling it into place. Next, the van has to be levelled and awnings erected and finally, the gas bottle needs to be connected.


A quick visit to the showers on site and the holiday is now ready to begin but buried in the back of the mind is the simple fact that within a few days the donkey work will begin again.


Now consider this. Instead of caravanning, you buy yourself a luxury static home and upon arriving at the park you are shown to it and given the keys. Inside you find everything that you could possibly want and lashings of hot water available constantly in the bathroom. All the beds are made up and all you need do is unpack and your holiday begins immediately.


Park Facilities

On-site is everything you could possibly ask for. Good restaurants, plenty of excellent entertainment, plenty to do for the kids and of extreme importance, a 24-hour security patrol.


When your Caravan Holiday is over it’s just a matter of saying goodbye to the new friends you will have found and then a leisurely drive home, refreshed and ready to face Mondays with new found enthusiasm.


Meanwhile, not so far away, Mr Smith is having terrible trouble trying to hook up his Caravan. . . . . .

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