5 Excellent Reasons to Rent a Luxury Static Caravan for Your Holiday

In the UK there is a huge choice of self-catering holiday accommodation that thousands of people book every year not just for their annual break but also for long weekends or a few days away from the stress of their busy lives. However, there isn’t much in the way of this type of accommodation that matches that of the modern luxury static caravan.  And here are some of the reasons why:


 Static caravan holidays are cheaper
When compared to 3 and 4 star hotels, B&Bs, country cottages, holiday apartments in peak season renting a luxury static caravan almost always works out cheaper. This is because up to 8 people can share the cost of the rental which might be as little as £50 per week per person.


Comfortable at any time of the year
With the unpredictable weather in the UK it used to be pretty miserable holidaying in a caravan but not anymore.  The modern luxury caravan has central heating, air conditioning and double glazing so you can keep dry, warm or cool depending on weather conditions. Not only that they have flat screen TVs, some with electronic games, piped in music and much more.
The cost of decent kennels to place your dog (or dogs) is getting more expensive with each passing year.  And if your pet is with you most of the time, there is the emotional stress to the animal of being separated.  Many caravan owners and holiday parks are pet friendly so look for those caravans to rent that are. You will be able to take your pets with you and although there is often a small charge it will be significantly cheaper than kennel fees.


Keep the whole family entertained
If you have a family with young children, there is nothing worse than the kids being bored. On holiday caravan parks they will have so much to do you’ll hardly see them.  Good parks have children’s clubs with a range of fun activities.  This allows the adults to spend some quality time together and wears the children out so that they go to sleep at night. If your children are older, perhaps in their teens, they can have fun on video games in on site amusement arcades, go swimming in the pool and participate in a whole range of sports and adventures.


If you are going on holiday with a group of friends you will find bars and restaurants on site as well as many other activities you can join in. But there are also parks where couples can go for some peace and quiet, usually in rural setting where you can go for long walks or cycle around the area.


Huge choice of location
Caravan holiday parks are located all across the UK and British Isles, so you can easily choose where you would like to visit. If you are renting a caravan for an annual holiday, you can afford the time to travel some distance to a park but if you only want a short break, you’ll be surprised how many parks you will find within around 50 miles of where you live.  From coastal locations to rural countryside there are caravan holiday parks to suit even the most discerning holidaymaker.


If you haven’t yet experienced the joy of renting a luxury static caravan, try it this year.  We guarantee you will not be disappointed.


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