5 Important Things to Take on Your Summer Caravan Holiday

Things to take on a Summer Caravan Holiday

If you are staying at Golden Gate Holiday Centre this summer here are some things that you won’t want to be without, if you want your summer Caravan Holiday to be a success.


1. Sunscreen and insect repellent for you and the children
If you are a sun worshipper or your children are likely to be participating in a lot of outdoor activities (as they may be with our children’s clubs) you are going to need sunscreen.  Make sure you get the right factor for your skin too. It’s a good idea to buy sunscreen before you arrive since it can sometimes be at a premium in the resort.



Insect repellent is a must especially for children who will not cope as well with itching as you do. With the barbecues and al fresco dining, you will want to experience in the evenings gnats and mosquitos will be ready to pounce so don’t forget it.


2. On the Beach
For the best time ever at the seaside, you’ll need a few accessories including:


Cool box for drinks/snacks

  • Deck chairs (if you don’t want the expense of hiring them)
  • Sufficient beach towels for everyone
  • Lilos or inflatable toys for the kids
  • Sun screen


3. First-aid kit
Usually, you’ll have a first aid kit in your Caravan but if you haven’t been on holiday for some time and not checked its contents you might want to stock up on certain things such as plasters, antiseptic cream, painkillers, anti-inflammatory pills etc.  Aspirins are also useful to have as when crushed up and mixed into a paste with water, they can reduce the discomfort of mosquito bites.


4. Caravan awning
If you don’t have one you might want to consider getting one this summer. When the weather is hot the awning will provide much-needed shade when you and the family are sitting outside. Many owners spend most of the Caravan Holiday under the awning rather than inside the van.


5. Games for rainy days
One minute it’s brilliant sunshine and the next there is a monsoon like deluge! The British weather is never predictable so even if the forecast is good, it’s best to be prepared for some indoor entertainment. You might want to have a family get together with a simple game of cards, pack the Xbox or if you like reading, books, Kindles or iPads. Board games are also excellent for keeping the whole family entertained.


All these simple things will make your summer Caravan Holiday much more fun and enjoyable so, with the exception of the Caravan awning, remember to pack them. Bringing them with you will save the expense of buying locally and also the time which should be spent having a great holiday.

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