Why Choose Caravan Park Holidays?

Many people have holidayed in Static Caravans for many years and wouldn’t change it for the world. Others who have always holidayed abroad in fancy hotels, villas or apartments may not even consider a caravan holiday. Caravan park holidays have a wide number of benefits, which is why they are enjoyed by almost 17 million of us annually. Every year more than £1.9 billion is spent on caravan holidays and they are one of the most popular holiday choices for Brits.


Caravan park holidays are worth choosing because:

● You know the country, climate, people and culture so have no shocks awaiting you
● You know the language and dialect, meaning there’s no need for translations
● You don’t need to have any injections
● You can buy your favourite British brands on site
● You’re only a few hours from home
● You don’t need to pay for medical insurance
● You don’t need to pay for travel insurance
● There’s no flight fees, passport fees or check-in fees
● No dangerous spiders, snakes or creepy crawlies
● You take your own vehicle and can take all of your home comforts with you
● None of your days is wasted at airports; checking in, baggage delays, etc.


For many of us, the countdown is well underway to our summer holidays and the excitement is only rivalled by Christmas, Birthdays and Weddings. If you are considering staying in the UK this year then you are sure to not be disappointed – Our stunning coastlines attract millions of visitors every year who prefer to stay on home soil. People love to partake in the classic seaside dishes such as fish and chips, cream teas, ice creams and candy floss. More than this, our country offers a vast selection of leisure activities to suit all ages, preferences and budgets.


You can pack up a picnic hamper and head off to one of our award-winning beaches, ramble through the prehistoric hills, visit a range of different attractions such as preserved castles, caves, museums or galleries and find entertainment almost anywhere! The views from cliff tops, hilltops and mountain ranges all over the United Kingdom are second to none and it can be astounding to realise the utter beauty you have, almost on your doorstep.


Caravan park holidays are a hugely popular British pastime. Even the phrase alone can fill many of us with nostalgia – Lounging around a smoking BBQ, children chasing each other around the caravan, family nightclubs, arcades and daytime activities in abundance have created priceless memories for many of us. The caravans of yesteryear forced a lot of us to wrap up tightly in blankets or crowd around a small gas fire, we were lucky if we could get a radio signal, we shook when the wind blew and we melted when the sun came out – times like this add to the nostalgic memories, however, in all honesty, we may be wearing rose-tinted glasses! The caravans of today couldn’t be more different and rival even some of the most modern homes. You have all the mod cons you could wish for such as WiFi, flat screen TV’s, verandas, wooden flooring, power showers and non-chemical toilets!


If you’ve never tried a caravan park holiday before, then why not look into the options at Seldons Golden Gate? You never know, you may never look back!

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