How to Decorate a Static Caravan

How to decorate a static caravan

As you look upon your static caravan as your second home, it’s obvious that you want it to feel as homely and comfortable as possible, not to mention it being a place where you can relax and enjoy spending time. Although the majority of caravans, if they are bought as a new model, are luxuriously appointed with contemporary decoration and interiors, you will still need to give it that special, personal touch.




Here are a few suggestions as to how to decorate a Static Caravan:


Change the wallpaper

A large element of any decorating project usually involves a change in the wallpaper design. This is an advantage in a holiday home as the wall space you will be required to cover will be rather smaller than the average house, which will mean the job shouldn’t take you very long. Be prepared for lots of fiddly corner pieces and other hindrances such as curtain pelmets, light fittings and wall sockets. Always ensure that air vents are left uncovered for your continuing safety.


Apply a coat of paint

Before beginning to paint, ensure the floor covering is protected and you have windows open for adequate ventilation. Choose a good quality kitchen and bathroom paint, which will be more suitable and durable for any cold and damp conditions during the winter months.


Replace the curtains

Privacy in your static caravan or holiday home is of the utmost importance living in close proximity to your neighbours, so think about investing in blinds, or voile or net curtains. You can add instant colour to your caravan interior with a pair of new curtains, choosing a colour to compliment your decorating scheme. Opt for blackout curtains or linings in your bedroom, to guarantee you a good night’s sleep with no early morning sunshine to waken you from your slumbers.


Hang up a mirror

There are many styles, finishes and sizes of mirrors available, either to allow you to view your current outfit or to enhance and lighten up your living space.


Replace the furniture

Although you will probably be limited by space and layout in your caravan, it may not be possible to replace seating furniture with a full size, three seater sofa and chairs, but there are other options available. Sofas are available in more compact sizes and it’s even possible to have your fitted seating units re-upholstered with fabrics to suit your contemporary living. Improve your current seating solutions by adding a few colourful scatter cushions and luxurious throws, remembering to complement the colour of your chosen curtains.


Small changes make a difference

In a small space even the tiniest of changes are noticeable, so think about adding decorative embellishments here and there throughout your static caravan. There are many types of door handles available which are relatively easy to change, or consider replacing the taps in the kitchen and bathrooms.


Golden Gate Holiday Centre has a wide-ranging selection of new and used caravans for sale, at affordable prices, so if you are in the area you are very welcome to call in and see us. Perhaps you wish to buy a used caravan to refurbish and decorate it to suit your personal taste.


Keep an eye on the blog for more useful tips on how to decorate a static caravan.

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