Gas and Fire Safety in Static Caravans

Irrespective of whether you are a static caravan owner or renting a caravan for your holiday you should observe the same rules of gas and fire safety as you would in your own home. Both gas and electricity are connected to caravans on most holiday parks which mean that there are the same dangers as would apply to any residence no matter how short-term your stay may be.


Owners should bear in mind that an insurance policy may be rendered invalid if an annual gas safety check conducted by a suitably qualified “Gas Safe” engineer is not carried out. And whilst most domestic appliances in modern caravans comply with safety legislation, the gas safety check will ensure that potentially fatal carbon monoxide leaks don’t happen.





Annual Gas Safety Certificate

The annual certificate a “Gas Safe” engineer issues, depends on the outcome of the inspection of all relevant appliances, ventilation, flues, pipes and safety devices such as smoke alarms. If faults are found, the certificate will not be forthcoming until repairs are carried out to the satisfaction of the engineer.


One of the most important gas safety precautions you can take is to turn the gas off when you are not using it, including when you leave the caravan, and particularly overnight when you go to bed.


Fire safety precautions in a static caravan

When you arrive at the caravan familiarise yourself with where the safety devices are, such as fire extinguishers and fire blankets. This means that should there be a fire at least you know exactly where to find them. This is very important because fires in caravans, although rare, can take hold quite quickly. Make sure the smoke alarms are working too.


Just as you wouldn’t in your own home don’t overload the electrical sockets and whilst not essential unplugging appliances overnight is a good idea.


If a chip pan catches fire never pour water on it, smother it with a fire blanket.


Under no circumstance leave candles burning unattended.


Even with the best of insurance policies once a claim is made, premiums invariably go up. By taking simple precautions and being in compliance with regulations for Gas and Fire Safety in static caravans you ensure your own safety as well as that of your family, friends and holidaymakers who rent your caravan. You also save money.

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