Holidaying in Your Static Caravan

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The most prominent, if not the only reason you purchased a static caravan is likely to be so that you can holiday there. Holidaying in your static caravan has a whole range of benefits and is one of the most convenient, enjoyable and comfortable ways to a holiday, especially if you have a young family, older relatives or family members that don’t like to travel far. With your static caravan, you have a holiday waiting for you, whenever you want it.


You can go at the drop of a hat with no booking flights and transfers way in advance, packing and weighing luggage, timely queues at check-ins, standing in line for security checks (or waiting whilst people rummage through your cases if the scanner happened to take a dislike to them!). You don’t need to wander around extortionately priced terminal shops waiting for flights or killing time during delays and as well as this there’s no valuable holiday time wasted on worrying about travelling back.


Once you decide to, you can be at your static home within the space of a couple of hours. The route will be straightforward with little room for errors such as getting lost or taking wrong turnings and it will also be relaxing – you know exactly where you’re going and exactly how to get there.


Once there, you will find your wardrobes full, your freezer stocked and that you’re surrounded by an abundance of home comforts – ranging from your favourite cushions to a full biscuit tin! You have no worries about food or water like many have when holidaying abroad and your kitchen canisters will be full of your favourite beverage brands to partake in for a brew on arrival – a customary tradition for us Brits!


Those who have children or grandchildren know just how long and stressful those long school holidays can be, but this isn’t the case for those with static caravans who can simply pack up the kids and provide a holiday adventure at the drop of the hat.


Static caravans have an abundance of activities all laid on for the kids, from clubs and entertainment to sports and recreation. With many being coastal you could simply spend your days on the beach; much more appealing than trawling the shops, sitting in play centres or scratching your brains wondering how to entertain them at home.


Static caravan owners are people who come from all walks of life; retirees, couples, young families – to name but a few, and all have their own reasons for wanting to holiday in static caravans. For some it provides a wonderful nostalgia, retirees can spend their golden years reliving memories as well as having the chance to recreate them with the younger members of the family.


Holidaying in a static caravan, whether for short or long term, can also bring a social life and sense of community for those who have this lacking at home. Caravan owners who are neighbours often become firm friends, this offers security when you’re not there and a friendly face and a good chat when you are!

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