How to Make the Most of the Caravan BBQ Season

How to host a Caravan BBQ party

The ideal way to spend quality time with family and friends is to host a Caravan BBQ, the perfect way to spend a long summer afternoon at Golden Gate Holiday Centre.

The essential components of a successful caravan BBQ are food cooked over hot coals, a crunchy salad and something cool to drink.

These days, BBQs come in various styles, from the traditional ones with charcoal briquettes that you ignite with flame, a small disposable unit that costs a few pounds, to an all singing and dancing propane gas-fired unit with separate cooking rings and rotisserie; the choice is limitless.

Here are some tips for a perfect caravan BBQ
Decide the type of meat to cook – this is down to personal choice and what your guests are likely to enjoy. Choose from pork, steak, chicken, burgers, sausages, the list is endless. Most meat and fish flavours are enhanced by BBQ grilling, giving a delectable smoky taste.

Sauces -the meat is usually complemented by a sauce and the choice either home-made or shop bought, with many varieties available; some to be applied to the meat as a marinade prior to cooking, others as a topping once cooked.

Salads on the side -You can make some amazing dishes to complement your main meat serving. Grilled peppers, mushrooms and courgettes on the BBQ grill are all fresh and easy to prepare and cook. Baked jacket potatoes are amazing when wrapped in tin foil and cooked on the grill for approximately 45 minutes. It’s maybe best to commence cooking your potatoes before you put any meat on the grill, this way your food will be ready to serve all together.

Desert – follow up with an irresistible dessert – grilled fruits, bananas cooked in their skins, all serviced with ice cream make a fantastic dessert ending to your meal. Serve up a home-made fruit salad or a delicious cheesecake to be enjoyed by your guests.

Drinks to serve – Nothing beats an ice cold beer drunk outside with a caravan BBQ feast. As an alternative, serve pitcher jugs of mojitos or sangrias which allow the guests to serve themselves. Provide non-alcoholic drinks such as lemonade or iced-tea, and other soft drinks such as water and juices for any children.

Keep the children entertained with your homemade lollipops, made by freezing fresh juices, yoghurts and smoothies, guaranteed to be a hit on a hot summer day.

Set the mood with background music
Whilst nature itself provides the perfect ambience for an outdoor caravan BBQ party, maybe think about some light mood music playing in the background, but nothing too loud to drown out the art of conversation.  Chinese lanterns and party lights will enhance your surroundings.

Make the most of your family holiday at Golden Gate Holiday Centre, and enjoy your first caravan BBQ of hopefully many during this season.

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