Making Outside Improvements to Your Static Caravan Pitch

Static Caravan Owners - Making Outside Improvements to your Static Caravan Pitch

Most caravan plots are on the smaller side, but this doesn’t mean you can’t have a most desirable outside area where you can relax and entertain. This blog is about making improvements to your static caravan pitch.


Before we start, check with the reception or office staff at your Holiday Park before making any changes to your static caravan pitch, caravan or garden.  Most holiday parks allow improvements so long as they are in keeping with the surrounding environment and will enhance the enjoyment of others in the park. If you wish to add a shed, summerhouse or even decking you may have to submit a proposal of your changes and have this approved before you can go ahead with the work.


These days, most modern caravans come pre-styled so it is not always possible to make changes to the exterior. However, if your caravan is slightly older and you feel your pride and joy could do with some sprucing up, maybe it’s time for a makeover.


Caravan Exterior
Most static caravans have an aluminium body but this can be clad in vinyl or plastic to transform the overall look. It also provides additional insulation, weather proofing and is easier to clean.


Veranda or Decking
A veranda or decking will provide you with valuable additional outside entertaining space, usually fitted along the length and front of the caravan; especially useful if you have French doors for ease of access.  These can be constructed from wood or nowadays maintenance-free UPVC or plastic/vinyl materials, which will last longer but is probably the more expensive option.  Remember that wood decking will require an annual treatment of paint or stain product.


Caravan Skirting
A caravan skirting, or barrier which is fitted around the base and bottom sides of the caravan and decking to protect pipe-work, cables and any items stored under the caravan. This can also provide better insulation from the cold weather and the wind. It also protects your caravan chassis from the elements.


Outdoor Seating
Outdoor seating is a must for any caravan pitch and there is an enormous choice available from many stores and online shops. Remember to add a parasol for those sunny days and some comfortable cushions.


Accessories for outside improvements to your static caravan pitch
Additional items you can add to enhance your outdoor living are solar lights, a must these days on every pitch; pots and hanging baskets with a varying array of colourful summer bedding plants and maybe even the odd garden gnome is feasible!


If space and money allow, maybe think about the luxury of a hot-tub spa bath. These are available as inflatable, portable and very easy to set up but with the very unreliable British weather, it may not be used every weekend of your caravan season. Once again, check first with Reception for permission to install one of these on your plot.


At Golden Gate Holiday Centre we are flexible in allowing you to make outside improvements to your static caravan pitch. We are always happy to discuss anything to make our owners more comfortable and relaxed.

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