What To Take On a Static Caravan Holiday

As summer approaches, more and more of us are looking forward to holidays, either in the UK or abroad, and if you’re one of the many people heading to some of the countries beautiful caravan parks, then you’re sure to be looking forward to your break.


There are a couple of things that can ruin your Static Caravan holiday, one is the weather and this you can do nothing about (although many make the best of this anyway – is there anything better than a nice blustery walk along the coast?).


However, the other is what you have – or more importantly haven’t, brought with you. When you go on a caravan holiday, it is likely that you’re a distance from home, so calling back to pick up a forgotten item is likely to be unfeasible. This is why you need to make certain, prior to travelling, that you have everything you need for an enjoyable and comfortable holiday.


Different people will require different things; for example, a couple will need fewer items than a family and so the items you need will vary depending on your group. However, it is of the essence for you to check what is already going to be in place for you on your holiday, so make a call and find out if your caravan already has:


● Kitchen Utensils
● Bedding
● Towels
● High Chair
● Cot / Bed Guard
● Crockery
● Entertainment i.e. television, DVD player


Many holiday parks will have the option of purchasing the above separately, or you can bring your own. You should also look into what is actually included in your holiday price; this will vary from site to site. Some holiday parks will include your utilities in the price, whereas others expect you to pay for this once you arrive with cards and keys to top up the meters. If you want to use the site’s facilities, check that these are included in the price or if you need to make allowances for the purchase of ‘holiday passes’ once you arrive, and prepare for this in your holiday budget.


Think of each room, it’s purpose and what you may need:


Living Room:


The living room is where you and your family will spend most of the time inside the caravan and so this space needs to be functional, practical and comfortable. The things you may need to bring for this room are:


● DVD’s / Videos
● Toys
● Books
● Games
● Plugs and Chargers
● Stair Gate


The Kitchen:


Possibly the most functional room in the caravan, this needs to be fully equipped for a comfortable stay. What you bring will differ on what is already in place, but as a rule you will need to bring with you:


● Washing up Liquid
● Washing Powder
● Fabric Conditioner
● Tea Bags
● Coffee
● Sugar
● Bread
● Cloths
● Tin Foil
● Bin Bags
● Food Items
● Correct Utensils for Babies i.e. Plastic Plates
● Air Freshener
● Matches
● Kitchen Spray
● Medical Box – plasters, creams, ointments


The Bathroom:


Again, check the policies of the site as heavy items such as towels are usually included or available as an add ons. Generally, you will need:


● Shower Gel
● Shampoo / Conditioner
● Bubble Bath
● Toothpaste
● Toothbrushes
● Handwash / Soap
● Toilet Roll
● Air Freshener
● Cleaning Spray
● Cloth
● Flannel




You may or may not need to bring your own bedding, however for special requirements such as cot bedding and travel cots then you will likely need to bring your own, you will also need:


● Clothes Hangers
● Chargers and Plugs
● Clothing
● Footwear
● Swimwear
● Sunhats
● Sunglasses
● Suntan lotion
● Insect Repellent
● Travel Clock
● Brush
● Tissues
● Personal Accessories




Although there may be many activities and amenities on site, sometimes people may want to spend a day close to home and so cater for this to ensure that all members of the party will be satisfied:


● Throw Away BBQ
● Bat and Ball
● Football
● Extendable Leashes – if you have dogs
● Deck chairs
● Sun shades
● Outdoor Rugs
● Radio


Being prepared for your Static Caravan holiday will almost guarantee you have everything you need to really enjoy your break, so a little planning will help to make your holiday that little bit brighter. Bring on the sun!

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