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Top Caravan tips for a successful and happy caravan experience:

What kind of holiday do you want? Plan your holiday around the activities and facilities your party would want. There are so many options on our website we are sure you’ll be able to plan the perfect caravan holiday for you.  Here are a few  top caravan tips:

  1. If your party wants to be at the beach every day, it would probably make sense to choose a site near the beach as herding everyone into the car every day could be a bit of a chore.
  2. Pack carefully. Due to how equipped the parks and caravans are there is no need to over pack. All parks will inform you of what equipment comes with your accommodation. Always good to check the information so you know what to expect.
  3. Got a dog? Many parks are pet-friendly. You can easily check this by filtering your original search to only wanting parks that accept pets.
  4. A small box of all the essentials – salt, pepper, vinegar, cooking oil, red sauce, tea bags, coffee, matches and more importantly a first aid kit.
  5. DVD’s, books and board games for the odd evening when the British weather decides to live up to its reputation.

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